Monday, October 18, 2010

Monthly Goal Setting

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? I saw the following phrase on Lululemon’s twitter feed and decided to try it out for this month:
In October I will run ______ miles and go to _____ yoga classes

My goals for October are:

·         Run 40 miles
·         Go to 10 yoga classes
·         Go to 12 Core Fusion classes

So far my progress is:
·         Run 24 miles
·         Gone to 4 yoga classes
·         Gone to 5 core classes

I know, you’re thinking I won’t hit my targets, aren’t you? I know that it looks like that too, but I’m actually confident. I based my targets on my weekly exercise plans. Every couple of weeks I plan out my exercise schedule. It is based upon a couple of things – what classes I want to go to (like everyone, I have teacher preferences, and of course my favorite teachers for different things are scheduled at the same time), whether I’ve done a lot of core or yoga or running the previous week, if I have something I’m working toward like a race, and of course my social life. I do tend to overschedule myself, because I know that social life will 99 times trump working out, so I will never manage to get to everything I have scheduled for myself.

For example, if I actually did every single thing class I scheduled for myself in October my stats would be:

·         Run: 43.2 miles
·         Yoga: 13 classes
·         Core Fusion: 17 classes

Looking at that, it’s still pretty attainable, but would definitely involve some early starts. During the summer, working out in the morning isn’t utterly dreadful, but when you’re waking up in pitch black, going for that run or biking down to the studio just does not have the same appeal.

Does anyone else create monthly goals? Are you good at sticking to them?

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